Bill Gates Helps Push For A Smoke Free Olympics In Beijing

July 28, 2008 |

Beijing (dbTechno) - The co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates has come out and stated that his foundation is going to be donating money to help the push for a smoke free Olympic games in Beijing, China.

Bill Gates, co-chairman of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, stated at a press conference in New York City on Wednesday that he was going to push for tobacco use around the world to be cut.

He was joined by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, as together the two pledged over $350 million to the cause.

$130,000 of the money from the Gates’ foundation will go towards Beijing, and the plan to have a smoke free Olympic games.

Beijing will be banning all smoking from indoor public locations, workplaces, and other areas when they kick off next month.

China has been part of the plan from the start for Gates, as he stated that countries such as China, and others need to have special attention, due to the incredible number of people who die from smoking each year.