Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Chang Ai Media Project?
Our mission is to promote public health in China through the creative uses of film, television and Internet. We have reached over 500 million viewers with three of our major HIV/AIDS television campaigns.
Where are you?
We are based in Beijing, China, and have a small office in New York.
What are your future plans?
We want to continue our AIDS work, with a focus on reaching Asia’s gay men, among whom HIV infection rates are very high.
We are in the early stages of a new campaign to raise awareness of the risks of tobacco and second-hand smoke. Close to a million people die from smoking in China every year and the costs of lung cancer and heart disease are bankrupting millions more.
Hepatitis-B is a vast public health issue in much of Asia, and highly preventable. In partnership with the Chinese government, we hope to develop a campaign that promotes vaccination.
We want to profile several of the heroes of China’s burgeoning environmental movement and help raise the visibility of their campaigns for cleaner air and water in China.
What does your name mean?
When we started our work in 2003, we focused exclusively on AIDS and, for several years, were known as the China AIDS Media Project. We’ve since broadened our mission to include other issues, such as tobacco control and clean air and water, and we felt that a new name, Chang Ai Media Project, would better reflect who we are. The Chinese characters “chang” and “ai” mean “to promote love and care.”
Can I purchase a copy of The Blood of Yingzhou District?
The Blood of Yingzhou District is available for purchase in select locations:
In the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands:
Please visit
In Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia:
Please visit
Can I screen one of your films?
Our films are available for screening at select film festivals and special events. Please contact for more information about screening policies and fees.
Who are your supporters?
For a list of our supporters, please click here.
How can I contribute?
Thanks for asking.
You can make a donation through our fiscal sponsor, Give2Asia, at
Media companies may wish to donate free air-time or advertising space. Foundations and corporations can become sponsors. Please contact
Are my donations tax exempt?
In the U.S.A., yes.
How can I help the AIDS orphans featured in your work?
The charitable organization featured in our film is AOS, The Fuyang AIDS Orphan Salvation Association ( Contributions to AOS can be made via Give2Asia.
Other organization committed to helping AIDS orphans in China are:
The AIDS Relief Fund for China
The Chi Heng Foundation
The China AIDS Orphan Fund
The children in your film – how are they doing now?
We are pleased to tell you that Gao Jun and Nan Nan appear to be doing really well, receiving the medications and the care that they need. The Huang siblings are also thriving.
Does Chang Ai accept volunteers or interns?
We have openings for interns who read and speak both English and Mandarin. Write to us at