Advisory Board

Terence Chang
The producer of Mission Impossible 2 and such landmark Hong Kong films as Hard Boiled and Once a Thief, he has also managed Asian stars Chow Yun-Fat and Michelle Yeoh.
Joan Ganz Cooney
The co-founder and chairman of Sesame Workshop, Cooney has pioneered the creative uses of television for public purposes.
David Ho
His medical breakthroughs as Director of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center put him on the cover of Time Magazine as the 1996 Man of the Year; he is now conducting research on AIDS vaccines.
Jing Jun
A professor at Tsinghua University’s School of Public Policy, Jing Jun has conducted many on-site evaluations of AIDS projects in China and is a leading spokesperson on AIDS issues.
Matthew Kohrman
A professor of medical anthropology at Stanford University, he has looked at urban smoking in China through such cultural prisms as male social roles and male friendship.
Anbin Shi
An Associate Professor at Tsinghua University, he writes about language, culture and communication and serves as a senior consultant to the State Council’s Information Office.
Drew Thompson
Director of China Studies at the Nixon Center in Washington D.C. and former director of a major AIDS program run by Merck and the China Ministry of Health.
Dr. Homer Tso Wei-kwok
Chairman of the Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health since 2002, he won the WHO Director-General’s award for tobacco control in 2006.
Dr. Steven Wang
A dermatological surgeon at Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, he is the founder of the China AIDS Orphan Fund.
Li Xiguang
As Dean of the Tsinghua University School of Journalism, he has led workshops for Chinese journalists about AIDS and tobacco.
Eric and Alice Xu
Eric Xu is co-founder of Baidu, China’s leading search engine and one of the most popular websites in the world.
Hongping Zhang
Senior Vice-President of Northern Light Venture Capital, he invests in and advises many leading technology and media companies in China.