Thomas Lennon and Ruby Yang, two independent filmmakers, founded the China AIDS Media Project – the original name of the Chang Ai Media Project.

We wrote and edited the first widely seen AIDS awareness campaign on China’s airwaves.  Basketball stars Yao Ming & Magic Johnson are seen shooting hoops, having casual physical contact and sharing a meal together.  The PSA won an award from China’s Ministry of Health and was widely seen for four years.

A university student appears in our documentary, “Julia’s Story,” the first person on Chinese television to tell of her experience contracting the HIV virus from sex.

The China AIDS Media Project created a  PSA campaign for  children living with HIV/AIDS., with China’s Ministry of Health and the Chinese folk singer and star Peng Liyuan.  It was shown several thousand times on China’s governmental broadcasting arm, CCTV.

Chinese TV stations donated airtime worth over RMB100 million (USD14.2 million), making these among the largest AIDS education campaigns in the history of the disease.

“The Blood of Yingzhou District” wins an Oscar for Documentary Short Subject at the 2006 Academy Awards. The film follows the lives of children orphaned by AIDS in remote Anhui villages. Produced by Thomas Lennon and directed by Ruby Yang.

The company’s AIDS awareness PSAs - “Life is Too Good:” – was the first safe-sex/condom campaign broadcast in China. Featuring superstar Jackie Chan and noted Chinese celebrities Peng Liyuan and Pu Cunxin, the campaign was viewed by more than 400 million Chinese. It has received over 10 million downloads on the Internet, and is still being shown in China’s buses, airports and outdoor media.

The China AIDS Media Project rebrands as the Chang Ai Media Project as it took on new health issues: the dangers of smoking and the need for clean air and water.

A PSA campaign launches on the dangers of second-hand smoke. Made in cooperation with the China Center for Disease Control, it was timed to coincide with the smoke-free Beijing Olympics. The campaign was seen 500 million times, receiving about US$6 million dollars in free air-time from Chinese broadcasters.

“Tongzhi in Love,” a portrait of three young Chinese gay men, premieres at film festivals in the USA and Europe. In October, it makes the short-list for the Academy Awards.

A PSA campaign that promotes Hep-B vaccination for China's youth launches in May. It is made in cooperation with the China Foundation for Hepatitis Prevention and Control (CFHPC) and the United Nations.

Yang and Lennon complete “The Warriors of Qiugang,” the last in their trilogy of short films about China. It profiles an Anhui farmer and his campaign over many years to halt the poisoning of his village’s water and soil by a nearby factory.

“The Warriors of Qiugang” is nominated for an Academy Award. Three weeks after the nomination, the local government of Bengbu (Anhui Province) announces a $30 million dollar campaign to clean up the toxic site shown in the film.

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